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A recent admission by "God" ?
" The Great Mother is the primal feminine
force that draws Light through me and into
existence. Her Desire opens space for
Creation to exist, and she sustains
and nurtures everything within it.
She is the reason that anything exists,
including me, for Desire draws
 me and my Light out of Nothing."

What is the Mother's dream?

"The Mother's dream is that all beings in Creation experience their true grandeur and greatness. And in their greatness, do whatever they desire. The Mother's deepest desire is that you and everyone else in Our Creation be completely free and empowered to do whatever you want, go wherever you wish and be with whomever you choose.

"At first your mind will have difficulty understanding how this could be possible, but We can assure you it is not only possible, but necessary. Free Will, completely free and joyous in the presence of unwavering loving Light is the truly natural way in our Creation. And this Creation is the basis of your own Creation and the full manifestation of your greatness." [Source]


Mamma Ark-Ur (Sphinx)
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"Pre-Release, Abridged Version"
(1992) 35 pages
Global Circulation


Unabridged Version
Volume 1 (1999), 450 pages

Blacked Out Through Whitewash

Volume 1 of 7
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Jehovah w/ Gun
666 666 Exposé Series
SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
SuZar's 666 Exposé Series
Special Releases
By SuZar, from Upcoming Volumes of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash
The Great
of Creation
Blak Mamma 
777 or Bab-El
the True
Bible, a
777 or Bab-El..

Bab-Els (Bibles),
How the
Bible &
are a Great


You Come To Power... Blak Survival Guide BLAK
& Survival
Guide NOW !

You "Come-to-Power"
Only When You

ReThroning Creation's Great
& the Blak Woman
The Mother of HuHuManity
and Original Most Powerful Being On Earth
By Su-Zar

Volume 2 of
Blacked Out Through Whitewash

Drugs Masquerading As Foods

Deliciously Killing American-AFRIKANS
and All Peoples
by Dr. Su-Zar, N.D., D.M.
Drugs..As Foods

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